Monday, October 17, 2011


We made a quick trip to Disneyland this past weekend. We drove down Friday (after Riley got out of school), and we came home last night. Both parks were way busier than when we were there in August. Halloween Time really draws the crowds!
On the way home yesterday, we stopped at Griffith Park so that we could see Walt Disney's Barn. He was really interested (and collected) 1/8 scale trains. This barn, which I believe was his hobby barn, used to be in his backyard. It was moved to Griffith Park, and is open to the public once a month. We happened to be in the area this time! Inside the barn, there's memorabilia from Walt, and at least one of his trains. Super cool. Check out my other pictures of the barn HERE.
Before heading home yesterday, we were in Disneyland for a little while. Quinn sure loves this little door. He's drawn to it on every visit. It's the side of a hat store, in Fantasyland.
In the Hub, near the Partners statue. Each of those pumpkins has a face from one of the lands.

These next pictures crack me up. I love, love, love that big Mickey!
Quinn being silly, screaming. Riley-posed.

More silliness from Quinn. Riley-still posed.
This is about as serious as we could get Quinn. Riley-posed. This guy at Riley's new Scout troop asked me if I thought Quinn was on the spectrum. Um...No. Obviously. To see the rest of Halloween Time at Disneyland, click HERE.

And now....
I stayed home from school on Friday. I was going to just take a half day, so that I could pick Quinn up early, so that we could leave for Disneyland as soon as Riley got out of school. It turned into an all day absence, because my car needed an oil change before the long drive, and I had no time during the week to get it done. It also helped that I was home when the new iPhone 4s' arrived!!! The poor UPS guy was so overworked. I heard the truck on my street and was waiting on the front porch when he pulled up. He said he should have called in sick as he had so many of them to deliver. He was darting all over town, delivering them first, so that people could have them. Cool huh?

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