Monday, October 24, 2011

Work is really cutting into my play time! Things are starting to get busy. We are conferencing this year, so I am trying to schedule all 27 of those, and it's a complete nightmare. I sent home a note to my parents, to see best available times-as suggested in a staff meeting. I got almost all of them back! Awesome. Only that's not the problem. The issue is not with them, but with HOW we are scheduling the siblings, and the fact that I have a sucky number for getting to the sibling book so that I can schedule them. I can follow my own schedule, but then the parents may be at school more than once for conferences. I am trying to avoid that, but I so dislike the way the procedure is being done this year, that I feel I may just make my schedule because it's what the parents want-it's the times they chose, when they are available. That could open up a whole can of worms. Did I mention that I have 15 students with siblings???? It's stressful. I'm not going to think about it anymore tonight because it just gets me all worked up.

Anyway, we have been equally busy at home! Scouts, appointments, piano, meetings. It is never ending.
I am participating in the American High School Holiday Boutique again this year. It was rather lucrative for me last year. I've made 44 new bracelets, plus a bunch of earrings and some rings, oh and glass pendant necklaces! I am all set! Now, let's hope I do as well this year. It's November 5 from 9-4 at the high school. If you are local, come on by!!
We finally got to play with our Lightning McQueen Appmate! It was designed for the iPad 2, but they came out with a compatible version for the iPad, so we were able to use it. It's pretty cool. You drive the car on the screen and it interacts!
Saturday night we went to Palo Alto. We had dinner at the Peninsula Creamery, and then walked through the downtown, to the Apple store. All of the trees are lit up and it's so pretty.

We have our own clouds now! Super cool, but I'm not too sure just how it works yet.
Quinn, concentrating on his game.

I dropped Quinn off at a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and then I went to the thrift store. My $11.95 went far!! I got that Disneyland plate for Riley. See the vintage, plastic pumpkin up there? 50 cents!!! My favorite is the little glass tumbler in the front, the one with the birds on the lid. 50 cents!!

Well, I have some correcting to do, so I better get to it. It's not going to correct itself!

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