Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We decided to visit the local pumpkin patch last weekend. We waited until 4:30 on Sunday to go. Kind of a mistake. It was super crowded and the sun sucked. You can't tell how glary it was, from the pictures, but it was horribly bright. Also they didn't have any decent pumpkins. We took pictures and then left. Kevin got a nice pumpkin from the grocery store.
This pumpkin patch is located at Ardenwood Farm in Fremont. We hadn't been to this pumpkin patch for a couple of years. We've been driving out to Livermore. There's a nice one out there.
I had to snap my picture quick as there were tons of kids trying to climb this tractor, even though the sign clearly says not to.
This is at this patch every year. I have pictures of Riley, sitting on the ground, as a smiley baby. I would link to those, but those pictures are from film. Remember film? You had to load it into the camera (out of the sun) and then take it, and drop it off, at Longs or somewhere, to get it developed. AND you couldn't delete any bad pictures. Getting your pictures back, in that cute envelope, with the negatives, was a lot like Christmas though.
All of the pumpkins were dented and smashed in some way. They had good sides, but then you turn them around and there would be a hole or a yucky part. I like my pumpkins pretty on all sides.
Quinn, in motion, running from the hay structure. I am amazed that there aren't any people in my picture (only half), as this tower of hay is a big draw. The little hay maze is an even bigger draw, but when you are finally taller than the hay, it's just not as magical. Both boys are taller than the hay now.
Kevin wanted to get this pumpkin, as it's already mostly cleaned out!
I think we waited too long to get pumpkins. They were really picked over.
These are the nice sides.
I really love this one, but nobody else did.
Corn! Such pretty colors.

Mini pumpkins. I love these.

By the way, I tried not to get the many people in my pictures, and now that I look back at them, I was pretty successful. I really hate to have strangers in the backgrounds of my pictures. I know I just opened myself up for some photo bombing from my friend, Michelle. It's a hobby of hers. :-)

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