Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kevin and the boys went on a Scouting adventure yesterday. They visited a tank museum. A good time was had by all.
One person is the owner of all of these tanks. He has since passed away, but wanted the tanks to be available for small groups to visit. I didn't go on this adventure, but apparently his collection is quite extensive, including not just tanks, but other weapons of war as well.
Only a LITTLE intimidating huh?
I am a girl, so I don't know if I know the "technical" terms for these guns, but I would call that some sort of machine type gun, on a tank. Quinn looks thrilled to be blowing away fake enemies. He looks a little too happy, if you ask me.
Riley wouldn't hurt a fly, but he looks pretty intense with this gun. Geez, boys and guns.
Quinn, riding a motorcycle. Look, it has one of those little side cars! It's very Indiana Jones, or is it GI-Joe?
Riley, "driving" the military jeep. You know, he'll be able to really drive in just over 2 years!
I believe that is a bazooka. Again, a little too excited for my taste! Go Quinn! That thing is bigger than him! I wonder if those things had a pretty big kick-back after being fired?

Quinn, inside a tank. Looks like everyone had a really great time! I had a great time here. I went to Ikea and I worked on my Halloween costume. I will have pictures of THAT tomorrow.

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