Saturday, October 1, 2011

Renaissance Faire Fun

Kevin and I took the boys to the Renaissance Faire today. I hadn't been to the Ren Faire in years and years, and Kevin hadn't been either. It's at Casa de Fruta, just past Gilroy. It seems like a pretty good size faire, and there was lots to do and see!
We arrived just as the faire opened for the day.
Lots of dancing, parading, games, activities, and shows.
Speaking of shows, we took in the Broon show. He was really good: juggling and eating fire!
Riley was chosen to be a part of the show! He got to wear this "safety helmet" and hold a 10 lb. bowling ball. His job was to place the ball into Broon's hand so that he could juggle the ball, a lit torch, and an apple (which was tossed to him by another audience member). I don't have any pictures of that as I think I was mesmerized that he could juggle all three different items, AND eat the apple as he did it! Amazing!
It was so nice of Broon to pose for a picture with Riley, before the juggling finale. He posed for another one too, which is hysterical, but you have to check out the rest of my pictures, to see that one. Click HERE for the rest of the faire pictures, and pictures of our stop at Casa de Fruta's pumpkin patch.
There was also Javelin activities going as well. Very entertaining to watch.

Quinn was thrilled to ride a giant swing.

I certainly don't feel that I need to attend the Renaissance Faire every year, but it was pretty darn cool. I would definitely go again. People were very friendly, and there was LOTS to do. We left around 2 because it was pretty crowded and we were pretty hot.

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