Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Hello!

Um, I guess things have been crazy around here. Kevin was gone all last week, on a business trip. Of course the week was jam-packed with a cut/color for me, dentist for me, Scouts for both boys (Tuesday and Wednesday), a pick-up of glasses for both Quinn and I, and Riley's weekly appointment. Whew! No wonder I didn't blog! I was NOT home. Oh yeah, and I worked too!! Ok, so back on track...Let's catch up...
This is my newest pumpkin. I got him at the Homegoods store last weekend, for $12.99!! He's huge! He's an Annalee pumpkin. Super cute. He's too big for my mantle though, so he's on the hearth. Huh. I like that word, hearth. Sounds so Martha Stewart. Hearth. LOL
This weekend I completed a project. First the boys and I went to Dale Hardware and purchased spray paint. Kinda a LOT of spray paint. No, we don't plan on tagging any walls with all of that color. I promise. I'm a teacher, so you have to believe me. I'm honest.
The project involved painting this small printer's tray...
and this bigger printer's tray. I got the idea from Pinterest, to paint them and use them to store Lego mini figures. The small one is Quinn's and the big one is Riley's.
Quinn chose silver, which was VERY easy to work with. Riley chose a really great shade of blue, but the paint was really hard to work with, and it's already had 3 coats and it needs more, and I am out of the blue. I think I prefer the Krylon paint to anything else.
I am participating in a holiday boutique, for the local high school, on Nov. 5. I am making more button bracelets (see my sidebar Etsy shop). In addition, I am making glass tile pendants, glass tile earrings (pictured) and filigree/flower earrings (pictured). I have been glueing, sanding, and glueing, and assembling. If you are local, you will need to come by. It's at American High School.
Quinn has this master plan of growing his hair out. It's driving me crazy, but he has his own ideas, and I am trying to let him be who he wants to be. I did offer him $20 yesterday to cut his hair...short...but nope. He's not interested. He wants long bangs. I wish I could figure out how to scan a picture of me, my senior year in high school, because looking at Quinn is like looking at me! I will work on it-I had bangs down to my chin! I was into New Wave. Anyway, I digress...Kevin and I were able to talk Quinn into getting his hair shaped for longness...

Ta DAAAA! Look at how cute he looks! It's still long, but it's better shaped. I seriously need to find that picture!!

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