Monday, September 1, 2008

California State Fair

We left the house a little after 8:00 am this morning, and headed for Sacramento, to the State Fair. It's a 2 hour drive. We made it to the state fair right around 10:00 am, and we got to park under covered parking! We were very excited about this as Sacramento is usually really hot in the summer. We were freezing. It finally warmed up, but it wasn't bad at all-it was way hotter in Dublin, where we stopped for dinner!

The theme was based on Hollywood, which we thought was really cool. They had an Indiana Jones exhibit which both boys LOVED. They also had some fake movie sets, exhibits with movie props, the alien character (from Alien-or was it Predator? I don't know, get them confused. I know ET), and lots of picture spots.

Here's Quinn in a "cornbox." Instead of sand, they filled the box with giant corn and the kids went to town.

We saw some really cool African Longhorns, and Texas Longhorns. Look at how cute that baby is! I saw a Texas Longhorn last summer, in Texas, but it ran from me. These were kinda friendly.

Riley milked a goat. Quinn was in line too, but chickened (kidded?) out. Riley actually squirted out some milk too. I tell you, he's a boy of many talents. They were right there with the hand sanitizer too!

We had a really nice day. We normally go to the county fair, but missed it this year. We had never been to the state fair. I think we'll go next year too!

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Kevin Crossman said...

How can you confuse Aliens and Predators? They're, like, totally different!

(okay... I guess those "AvP" don't help)