Monday, September 1, 2008

Disturbances at the fair

We had a great day at the California State Fair! There were a few things that disturbed me however...

This guy disturbs me, Arnold-our governator, NOT my least mostly.

Awwww. What a cute horse! Horses should be cherished... what's that on his fence? A poster board? Let's try to get a closer look...

OH My! The poster board is made by Elmer's. Isn't that a GLUE? Are they trying to torture the poor horses? Glue and horses? It's a good thing that poor guy can't read!

Ah, well, we had fun, and no horses were injured during the writing of this.

1 comment:

Kevin Crossman said...

What I find "disturbing" is that you don't know the alien from one of Arnold's best movies (Predator).

The horse thing though. Great eye spotting that one! :-)