Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Well, we have started the school year with a bang. I got a call at school today, from the secretary at the boys' school. Riley was in the office. Seems he fainted in Science class, and he needed to go home. I was on prep, and my husband was working from home, so he went to pick him up, and I came home and checked him out too. I told Kevin to take him to the doctor. He did. She asked if fainting was something that ran in the family... Ummmm...well...yes. I kinda do that, but only if something is yucky-blood, broken bones, injured knees where the paramedics are poking around looking for "pieces" on the floor of Stein Mart. He may come by it naturally. Turns out, he has the flu. He'll be home today and tomorrow. I should really call that science teacher and apologize-I think he's new. He's feeling better (Riley is-and hopefully the science teacher too), but we are keeping him low to the ground, just in case!

Here's regular Riley.

This is what he looks like when he faints. I wasn't there to catch him this time (like I did this summer). He landed on the floor. Poor guy. Poor science teacher. Oh, I should tell you that we faked these pictures-you know, for the drama. I don't THINK I would grab the camera and take pictures of such an event, but you never know.

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