Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Ready

I am officially ready for the start of the 2008/2009 school year. I have my class list. I have my supplies. My room is clean. The desks are clean (for now). All I need are the students! They come tomorrow!

Here's my nice, clean desk, with my first week's lesson plans.

My reading chair.

Here's the view of the left side of my classroom.

Here's the right side of the room. I don't like the kids in table groups at first. Once they start scooting their desks all over creation, then I'll move them into table groups. I just love this "E" backwards "E" grouping.

If things get scary, there's always my "easy" button! I have some last minute things to do tonight, and I have to make sure the boys are all set for their first days as well. Lunches to make, supplies to sort, outfits to figure out (mine too!), Ugh! It's going to be a busy night. Why am I still sitting here?

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mesogoofy2 said...

Cute classroom Julie....I like the way you arranged the desks. Very different from the traditional classroom setting. Uh oh, I see those wizard folders I know and love LOL!!! Have a great first day at school. I just realized Christian's got school tomorrow! YIKES! (I keep thinking today is Monday) LoL!