Friday, September 26, 2008

So very Wicked

It's been a crazy week. A new school year is always tough at the beginning, but I have to say that my little class is coming along. They are quite sweet, and I didn't want to throttle anyone this week! I feel like all I do is work, and come home and work. I get up the next day and it's the same. It should even out soon enough. I'm hoping to maybe sew this weekend-I have another Amy Butler pattern I want to try. I have a picnic to go to on Sunday, and a Pampered Chef party to go to as well.
I did get one thing accomplished today though (well besides the "magic" I worked at school), and believe me, if I could have throttled Ticketmaster, I would have!! What a pain, but I got them...

These are my Wicked tickets. I saw this show in Chicago two summers ago, with the girls (Hi Valerie!) It was a great show! It's now going to be playing in San Francisco starting in January. I got my tickets tonight (after much ado). The seats they kept trying to give me were all crap (excuse my French). My mom and I are going, not until April, but we are going! I'm super excited cuz I want to be Pop-u-lar! Check out the London site. Check out this one too! It's a great show. See it if you get the chance.

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