Sunday, July 6, 2008

Four Corners and Arches National Park

From Albuquerque, we drove to Four Corners, where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado meet (at the corner).  This was a pretty exciting day, on many levels. 
Here's Riley with body parts in all 4 states.  This was his favorite part.  His least favorite part?  When he fainted while looking at souvenirs.  Not fun.  It was in the high 90's and all of a sudden, he really started complaining.  I had a hold of him, and out he went. We got him to the car (and the air conditioning) and we were on our way.  He was fine.
After the drama of Four Corners, we took in the spectacular views of Arches National Park.  Wow.  It really is something to see.
Balancing Rock
Delicate Arch-this one's really famous.  Many Utah residents have this on their license plates. We were pretty far back, thank goodness for my 12x zoom.  We did not hike out to it (it's over an hour and pretty strenuous), it was really hot.

Wow.  I believe this area is called "Park Avenue."

We headed for Green River, Utah for the night.  It was the 4th of July, and we did see some fireworks in Green River.  We used our sparklers and snakes.

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