Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Mexico

We left Amarillo, Texas around 9 am this morning.  We went in search of the Cadillac Ranch, which was harder to find then you would think.  The directions we had were crazy, but alas, we found it. It was raining, so we didn't go out to the cars.  There are about 8 cadillacs with their noses buried in the ground.  People come along and sign them, so they are very colorful.
Finding these cars, slowed us down a little this morning.  We set out for Roswell, New Mexico. We made it as far as Clovis, NM and then headed for the interstate.  The weather was so horrible, and the roads were not real great (not an interstate, just little country roads).  For a good long time, we were the only ones heading south-scary.  It was a monsoon!  At one point, I went through a giant puddle of standing water.  The boys were impressed with the splash. I was not.  We decided it was not worth it to try and make it to Roswell on these little, unoccupied roads, in these little Texas and New Mexico towns, in the middle of nowhere.  It will have to be visited on another trip.  We went straight to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
My car is dirty.  See the dirt around my happy family?  We decided not to wash it.  We are going to see how much more dirt accumulates. 
Kevin took the boys to the New Mexico History Museum, and I went to Old Town-lots of restaurants, stores, and galleries.  It was HOT.  95 degrees.  I sweated my bottom off!   This was a cool building though, and I got to shop, without children, so it was good.
We stayed at the Hotel  Albuquerque.  It's really nice.  We were on the 10th floor.  It's next to Old Town.  I could have walked there, but I didn't.  It was hot.

Here's the sunset from our room, this evening.  Quinn said, "It's just beautiful."  That about sums it up.

We are heading for Green River, Utah, tomorrow.  We'll stop at 4 corners (Riley is psyched that he can stand in 4 states at once), and we will also visit Arches National Park.  Green River is where we will spend the 4th of July.  Kevin bought sparklers and snakes for tomorrow.  The boys are so excited-we can't have any fireworks in the city we live in.

Did I mention I got to go to Hobby Lobby in Albuquerque.  I did.  Yup.

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