Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mamma Mia, here I go again...

We had a very busy, productive weekend. We finished cleaning out the entire house-I went room by room, cleaning and getting rid of stuff. Our goodwill pile is huge. The boys spent the night on the USS Pampanitio (a submarine) in San Francisco on Saturday night, with the scouts, and I had a Girls' Night Out (well, we were actually in, doing crafts). Kevin and I also saw Mamma Mia (LOVED it!!!) and Step Brothers.

Here's Riley, vacuuming his own room. What a man! He was quite efficient too. Doesn't it look like he's having a blast too?

Here's Quinn with his lovey. I'm super sad though. When he was packing for his overnight trip, I asked him if he was going to take his lovey (he's had this blanket since he was a baby, and it has gone EVERYWHERE with us). He said he wasn't going to take it because he thought "the guys" would make fun of him. I said I understood. He then told me he didn't need it anymore, he was ready to give it up. AND he wanted to give it to a little baby! I told him we would pack it away to keep for a child of his own some day. It's official. These boys are all growed up! Sniff.

These are the projects we did for my Girls' Night. We decorated 2009/2010 calendars, stamped the top, inside of a bookmark, decorated a box, covered binder clips with paper, decorated a clothespin, and made scrabble tile pendants. It was lots of fun. Oh and we rocked out to G.N.O-Girl's Night Out by Miley Cirus!

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