Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Francisco Zoo

My BFF, Kristi, and I took our kids to the San Francisco Zoo today. Good news! All of the animals remained in their enclosures!  No reason for them to try and escape, as we did not bother the animals. After the zoo, we went downtown to the City Centre and had lunch, and then did some shopping at H&M.
Here's a map of the zoo.  I guess it's pretty hard to read from where you are sitting.
I love these guys!  I think it's amazing that they can be so tall.  This one's just a baby.
These signs are posted around the zoo.  It's really sad that 3 individuals are the cause of these signs.  I guess it never occurred to me to tease/torment or throw things at the animals. Hopefully these signs will prevent any future problems.
Here's the new fencing added to the tiger and lion enclosures.

Grizzly bears!!  These two are so cool.  This is a pretty new exhibit at the zoo.  It's really well done.  They have lots of room and it looks really natural.  These guys are so cute! I have more pictures, and maybe I'll post some tomorrow.

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