Monday, July 7, 2008

We have some news...

We added to our family today, thanks to Quinn's pal Zack and his family!
Meet Owen.  He's almost 12 weeks old.
Just ignore all that stuff on my counters.  We are still unpacking from our trip.

He explored all afternoon.  He's been happy playing with his new toys, and ping-pong balls. He's pounced all over and has run all around.  I think he will sleep pretty well tonight.

Thanks Zack and family!  We love him!

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Zack Attack said...

Awe so cute. You are welcome, did I tell you there are no returns at the Soares house? I'm kidding he will love you all. He is a good kitty. We will miss him a lot, well maybe not Morgan,
Michelle, Rhianna, and Zack will.