Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monkey Business

We have been hanging around the house a lot lately. To fill in some time, I got the boys this monkey bobblehead craft set from Target. It was regularly priced at $14.99, but was on clearance for $3.74! I love me a bargain!

The set makes 5 bobbleheads. Riley made two, and Quinn three. It took about 7 minutes, but they liked it. They have gifted me all of the bobbleheads too! So sweet.

These are Quinn's three bobbleheads. I love the faces and decorations he drew on them. Hmm, they have stickers in interesting places. Oh, belly buttons I'm told.

Here are Riley's 2 bobbleheads. Cute. Love the green hair!

Oh, I got in on the monkeying around too. I made this original sock monkey last night. I'm working on a new one, a pink one!

This? Well, this is no monkey business! It's my new bag. No, I didn't make it. Vera Bradley did. I love love love the fabric.

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