Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rally for Education

My friend and I attended the big rally for education in San Francisco on Friday. It was awesome. California's education system is facing huge budget cuts (even more than has already been cut). If tax extensions are not put into place, and a budget is not figured out, schools will be unable to function.
We rallied outside of the city hall building. Such a beautiful day, and a beautiful building too.
It was a great rally, with empowering speakers...
and lots of cool shirts...
and lots of really good signs.
I like this sign. This is the back...
and the front of the same sign. so funny. I did not see Edward on a sign however.
Channel 2 News had a helicopter covering the rally. All other news agencies were represented with their news vans. There were LOTS of people in attendance.

Let's hope it works out for California schools. The results of more budget cuts will be even more detrimental. We are functioning with minimal funding now, and it's ridiculous. Something has to change. The students deserve a top notch education.
After the rally, my friend and I walked down Market Street, heading to Union Square. There was an art fair going on, with a mobile DJ even!

Cool drums huh? The Art Institute was sponsoring the event. There's always something going on in the city.

We finished out the evening with dinner and cocktails at The Burger Bar and a little shoe shopping.

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