Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giants vs. A's

This has been an awesome weekend! So awesome, I wrote two LONG blog posts!

Today was Little League Day at AT&T Park, Giants vs. A's. The Giants WON!
Outside of the stadium, near where we parked, there are giant baseballs. They are a lot like those big Target balls-the ones outside of their stores-but they are baseballs. Quinn is on top of the baseball!
This is an awesome stadium. I never get tired of looking at it.
The players (and their families) got to walk onto the field, for a banner parade. I went into the stadium so that I could take pictures of the boys on the field.
While Quinn and Kevin went to ride the Coke slide, Riley and I hung around. The nice stadium guy took our picture.
The view from our seats-they were horrible seats. We couldn't see left field at all, and it was hard to watch the big scoreboard. I also didn't care for the yellow foul pole obstructing my view.
Getting ready for game time! We had our rally rags ready!
This picture is super washed out. Quinn is sporting his new Panda hat (for Pablo Sandoval), and you can see Riley's new foam finger. Everyone loves a foam finger.
The pigeons seem to enjoy the yellow foul pole-I guess because it's "fowl?" LMAO! I just crack myself up sometimes.
After the game, kids were allowed to run the bases. So cool.
Rounding second, heading to third!
Going HOME!
Look! I stood on major league dirt!

Aw, that's so sweet! This is on the outside of the stadium, but really we should all thank the Giants. They keep us entertained.

I think this weekend will be hard to top! Next weekend, Kevin and I are going to an A's game. I won tickets through my school union! The kids will stay with my parents again, and we'll get another date night.

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