Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random May

It's crazy busy around here as usual, but things are winding down. Things will be much better after June 6 and June 14. Until then, here's what has been going on.
Rally Rags are ready for Sunday's game! We are going to AT&T Park to see the Giants play the A's. It's a Little League day. I am super excited to cheer on the Giants and eat!
Tonight I went to an awards ceremony for one of my students. He entered a poster contest sponsored by the Alameda County Water District, and won! That's his picture above, featured in the 2011/2012 calendar for the month of April. The winners were honored with certificates and Target gift cards (yay!), and the teachers of those students received certificates as well. Three teachers (of the top three winners) won $100 to use as they see fit! Awesome! It was a nice little ceremony, and my student seemed happy that I attended. There were so many teachers who didn't, and I thought that was very sad. It means so much to the kids if their teachers attend their events. It was just an hour of my time, and made him (and his parents) very happy, so it was totally worth it. The best part though was when the "water guy," thanked the teachers for all they (we) do. It was the most appreciated I have felt all year! The things he said were beautiful.
I planted impatiens in my porch planters this weekend. These will get BIG. I will show you when they do.
I must have planted these last year or something. I thought everything had died, but these guys came back!

I made some bracelets this week. The red one is made using red, glass pearls. The green bracelets are dyed freshwater pearls. I am really liking freshwater pearls these days, and that green color is yummy!

If you get the chance, hop on over to my other blog. It's been interesting around here. If you don't have the link, email me juliebeane at yahoo dot com, and I will send you the link.

*BTW, my student who won the contest, he's entered all kinds of contests and has won at least 6 of them this year!

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