Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Continued

Today we went to The Mystery Spot, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Kevin's parents came along with us. It's nestled among Redwood Trees and Eucalyptus Trees. I had never been to The Mystery Spot.
Lots of big Redwood Trees.
The official transportation of The Mystery Spot.
Here we go! Science awaits us!

The gift shop sold all kinds of stuff with their logo on it, from Chapstick to T-shirts.
The gift shop also sells these. REAL bugs people! They also had chocolate dipped crickets and sour cream and onion! They also had worms: Larvettes. Really gross. I wonder if they sell any of these treats?
A little history about the Mystery Spot.
There are all kinds of weird angles going on in this crooked house/shack thing. Can you see the girl standing on the table, inside? Creepy.
The boys getting their "lean" on. It's hard to see their lean in this picture.
Here are complete strangers and their leans. It felt really weird to walk through there. It was so steep and crazy. I felt like I was on a cruise ship! Really weird.
That's Quinn, hanging from the outside of the crooked building.
These people were lined up, shortest to tallest.

When they switched places, they all appeared to be the same size. Crazy. Kevin is 5'8 and the girl at the end is 5'2.

It was interesting, for a $6 tour. If you want to see the rest of our pictures, go HERE.

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