Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Saturday was a busy day! My mom, Riley and I participated in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks, in the morning, then went to Quinn's baseball game, then after Kevin and I dropped the boys off with my parents for the evening, we went out.
A very nice lady offered to take our picture. Like our shirts? All three of us reached our goals, thanks to friends and family who sponsored us!
Darth Vader and a couple of his Storm Troopers cleared their schedules to take a walk on the good side-for once. Super cool!
Quinn, playing 3rd base. Now I don't want to jinx it or anything, but Quinn actually played the ENTIRE game on Saturday! He usually sits (that story later) two innings of EVERY game. I had even left the game early, thinking he was finished for the day, so I missed him playing 3rd base AND catcher! 4 games left, and he finally played more than 2 innings.
This is Grace's Cathedral. After dropping the kids off with my parents, Kevin and I headed to the city. It was Casino Night for our little league, but we opted not to go because things are so horrible between our team and us, so we had the boys stay with my parents anyway, and we headed out for the evening.
We went to the Fairmont Hotel, to eat (and drink) at the Tonga Room. Do you remember the show, "Hotel?" This was the hotel they used for the setting of the show.
The Tonga Room is very dark. This is our first round of drinks. I had a Blue Hawaii, and Kevin had a Mai Tai.
Second round: Bora Bora Horror for me, and a Zombie for Kevin.
There was entertainment on the pool. It rains inside of the Tonga Room, every 15 minutes. The boys would love it. We should take them back some time.
After dinner, we wandered around the Nob Hill area. There sure are some really steep hills. We drove down this one, and then later in the night, after we finally found someplace to have ice cream, we would walk UP this hill. OMG it was STEEP!!
If you look closely, you can see the sign for the Tonga Room, and that's the Trans-America Pyramid in the background.
We went into the Mark Hopkins (The Mark) hotel. They have a teeny tiny museum inside.
Kind of a self-explanatory photo.
This little model of Ghirardelli Square is inside of the Fairmont. I think Kevin is trying to eat it.

There's a cable car that runs right by the hotel. I don't think this picture is too horrible considering that I used my iPhone-actually, ALL of the photos in this post are from my phone.

It was a great Saturday!

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