Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pitching and Pain and Panda

Quinn had a game tonight. It was going along, and going along. He played 2nd base. He struck out. He played right field, THEN, he got called in, mid-inning to PITCH! He never wanted to pitch, so at first I was filled with dread. The coach called him over and asked if he wanted to pitch. Quinn took the ball, and took some practice pitches, which looked pretty darn good! He's never pitched before! I was nervous and anxious. First batter came up...
He struck the first batter out!!!
He walked the next batter, but struck out the third batter!
What form! He walked two batters after that, but the inning was called because the other team had earned 5 runs. (We have a 5 run rule). He did an AWESOME job! We were so impressed, and I think he wants to pitch again!!
I can't say too much for him wanting to bat again though. His second at bat, and he got hit on the back shoulder with a pitch. The good news was that he "took one for the team," and the game was tied because he got to take a base, which walked in a run. The bad news....
A pretty nasty bruise already. Although, I think he is pretty proud to have the battle scar.

Later that night, homework time, in a Panda (Pablo Sandoval) hat.

Three more games, and then the season is over.

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