Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Home

We had a pretty lazy day at home today. We didn't go to the fair or go to see Super 8. I did venture out to the grocery store (ooooh, ahhhh).
We bought this Popcorn Rock at the Museum of Natural History, in DC. It has a warning on the back: Eating rocks may lead to broken teeth!
We covered our rock with white, distilled vinegar. The vinegar will evaporate and crystals will grow on the rock. It could take awhile. The vinegar stinks.
The boys are going to take tennis lessons. We bought them cheap rackets to practice with. Kevin took Quinn out tonight, to the high school, to hit some balls. How do you like his outfit? He looks like a tennis player! I think Kevin will be super excited if one of these boys continues with tennis and eventually ends up at Wimbledon-he's always wanted to go to a match at Wimbledon.

I made bracelets. Just experimenting with string, knots and braiding. I made a wrap as well, but haven't taken a picture of that. Tomorrow perhaps.

Tomorrow starts our busy week of appointments: doctor, dentist, orthodontist, endocrinologist (Quinn's turn), and a cut and color for me!

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