Monday, July 4, 2011

New York, Day 4, a Slight Change in Plans

We were going to do a river cruise around Manhattan Island yesterday, but it rained, so we decided to do it today, because it's NOT supposed to rain. It worked out ok anyway, since Riley seems to have a little bug. He spent the whole day in the hotel room, with Kevin. He was able to venture out to eat a little dinner last night, but still wasn't feeling great. Hopefully he'll be better today. We want to take that river cruise, and see the Statue of Liberty.
Quinn and I went out, in the rain, and had a little adventure on our own. We walked from our hotel, on 31st Street between 6th and 7th, all the way to Times Square, around 44th Street. We were going to try and see a show, the two of us, but this is what we found....
Um, a whole LOT of people had the same idea. We decided NOT to stand in that giant line (and that's not even all of it)! We'll see a show next time. We just couldn't figure out what to see and when. While in the area, Quinn and I did some shopping. We went back to the Disney Store. I love that place!
We went back to Toys R Us where this candy king tried to eat Quinn's arm!
And Quinn got to pose with a giant sock monkey. We headed toward Fifth Avenue, and Nintendo World after that, on 48th Street (Rockefeller Center). We had hotdogs on the street, for lunch. Quinn LOVES those hot dogs too.
Quinn enjoyed playing Wii, upstairs in Nintendo World. He absolutely LOVED this place. We spent over an hour in the store, shopping and playing Wii before we headed back to the hotel. We walked all the way back. Not one complaint from Quinn. He was happy to walk and talk (and carry his treasures from Nintendo World).

When we went out for dinner, we had a good view of the Empire State Building. Riley and I came back to the hotel after dinner, while Kevin and Quinn went to see Cars 2. Riley just wasn't up to the movie.

So it was a slight change in plans, but it worked out fine. Today we are headed down to the water, for the river cruise. We also intend to take the boys to see Grand Central Station, and of course, there are fireworks on the Hudson River tonight!!! Happy 4th of July!

Click HERE to see the rest of my pictures from yesterday. There aren't that many.

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