Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday have been a whirlwind. Yesterday Riley had a doctor appointment, and then we went to radiology to get his spinal x-ray done for this study he is participating in (aromatase inhibitor study). I scheduled an appointment for a bone density test for him (Aug. 2), which is also needed for the study. Later that evening, we had Quinn's baseball team party.
The trophies have the Niles Centerville Little League emblem on them. Pretty cool.
Yo! I'm getting a trophy.
Quinn, his trophy and his banner. His coach acknowledged him for the only triple hit this season. We are still pretty excited about that triple. It was freezing at the park last night, btw.
Oh yeah, and Quinn really really wanted to fill the bathtub with water yesterday, and play with his Playmobil boats in it. Apparently I am the best mom in the world for letting him use the bathtub for his toys. It was his job to dry them all when finished, which he did happily, but he left the towels on the floor. Oh well.
Today's appointment was Quinn's trip to the endocrinologist at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. We were there a long time today. I am not sure why it took so long. It was a total of 2 hours. We got a room with a view though, and I learned today that I can park back there (outside that window), instead of the main lot across the street (which is a paid lot). When we go back in December, I shall park there!
Quinn had fun with this heat sensitive board, while waiting for the doctor. He had to visit the lab today. The doctor asked if he would donate a little of his blood (since they were drawing it anyway) to science. We consented, and headed to the lab with the extra vials. Quinn did well with the blood draw. He cried a little.

Quinn got a $20 Target card, from the person running the study of the donated blood! He was quite pleased, so we stopped at Target and he got Beyblades and Pokemon cards. When we go back in December, the doctor wants to discuss the possibility of using growth hormone shots for Quinn. I am not sure how I feel about that. He is growing, but he's very small for his age. It's really a hard decision to make. I am more interested in seeing if Quinn will benefit from the same study that we have Riley enrolled in.

Tomorrow's appointment: dentist for both boys.

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