Friday, July 29, 2011

Waiting and Waiting

We spent the day at home, waiting. The boys were waiting for their Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game to arrive, so we just stayed home. Kevin ordered it the other day, and had it two-day shipped, which meant it would arrive today. Oh my gosh were there some anxious boys around here. There was much complaining about how "bored" they were for most of the day, and then, at 1:45 this afternoon, Fed Ex arrived! The excitement was immense. Riley quickly set about loading it onto Quinn's computer. He hit a slight snag as Quinn's computer needed some updating first, so Kevin quickly got that done-the boys were super lucky that he arrived home from work early. Once that was complete, they were good to go. Riley struggled (and was frustrated) when he couldn't get it to finish loading at first, but after a little break, he tried again, and success!

They can now create their own zoos, and have roller coasters and other rides as part of the attractions in their zoos. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. They can have animals galore, and feed them, and give them toys, and they even poop. Big news for 9 year olds!
There was no fighting over the game. Riley played first, and when he left for piano and his waiter duty at the Elk's Lodge (Scouts), Quinn played. Riley returned, and they continued to share very nicely.
See how excited Mr. Quinn was? Ecstatic.

In other news...
I took the boys' popcorn rock out of vinegar today. The crystals are still sprouting out of the rock too! Now there are fine crystals all around the side of the rock, and there weren't any when I took this picture. It's drying now, and I assume the crystals will stop growing as the rock dries.
Last night, I was up really late, finishing a book. This was Maya's position on the couch. That does not look comfortable. Those are HER toys all over the floor too!
The boys gave up a chance to go swimming yesterday, to stay home. I was feeling a bit stir crazy, so I went out to do some antiquing. I bought these three treasures. My favorite is that gold tray-and it was on sale!!

So today I had pent up frustrations in me, so I took it out on my laundry room. I cleaned the entire room. Vacuumed and dusted too. I need to go to Ikea-going to try and squeeze in a visit tomorrow night-to get some bins for the boys school work I am keeping, and maybe a better system for the dirty clothes.

I watched Project Runway this morning. It was my first time watching the show, and I did so at the urging of my mother in-law. I had to watch it online, because the tape that I had of it (that's right, we don't have a DVR, we have the old VCR) got stuck in the TV/VCR combo! Now the TV doesn't work anymore. That was such a bummer because I wanted to just have the TV on in our office, and clean my craft desk. It was not in the cards for today-and apparently not in the near future either. Perhaps my dad can fix it, but he's across country until the end of August. Bummer.

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