Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoes and Awesomeness

I had my students make shoes this week.
Paper shoes. I have a pattern, in one of my art books, so I dug it out. It was tricky (my students are often confused about what it means to cut or put patterns on the fold), but they figured it out.
Some really figured it out, and made a matching pair!
These remind me of bowling shoes.
This little girl even made a soul for her shoes!!

I had the best plans today, for awesomeness...
Perhaps it wasn't in the cards. The day started out good, and I was feeling kind of stress-free. Riley turned in all of his text books today, so all is winding down for him. Baseball ends on Monday, and school ends in 7 days. We see U2 on Tuesday. Things are looking up! Then, about 9:00 am, things went bad. It started with a parent in my classroom, yelling at me, in front of my students. It has escalated from there, which I will not go into today. Let's just say that I am OVER this school year. These kids and their parents have been the biggest challenge of my entire 16 years of teaching. It's not all of them, but when most of my students are little shits, it's hard to give attention to the 9 great kids I did have the opportunity to teach.

Real awesomeness...
I got some new fabric!

I got some new candle sticks!

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