Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everything George

Today we took a boat cruise down the Washington Channel, to the Potomac River, and on to Mount Vernon. It was all about George today! General George Washington.
This great big tree was pretty impressive. Can you spot Quinn?
Posing like a president?
This is the mansion of George Washington! We took a tour of the inside. It has 10 bedrooms, which is not huge by today's standards, but in the late 1700s, it was pretty spectacular. I found it fascinating. Some of his belongings are still in the house. Super cool.
We also visited the tomb of Martha and George Washington, as they are buried at Mount Vernon.
This was really impressive to me. I mean, he's there, buried, the REAL guy! That's just amazing to me.

Martha is on the left, and George is on the right.

Today concludes the DC portion of our trip. We've had a great time, and I believe we will need to come back again. There's just so much to DO!!! Tomorrow we take the train to New York. Oh there's lots of excitement about that one too! If you want to see the rest of my pictures from Mount Vernon, CLICK HERE.

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