Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U2 360 Tour

Kevin, the boys, and I went to the U2 show last night!! We've had the tickets since October of 2009! The show was supposed to be last June, but Bono injured his back, so it was postponed. Finally, after a 356 day wait, it was time!
This is the stage! A "spaceship", also referred to as the "claw." Awesome.
The boys, sporting new U2 shirts, posing in front of the claw. We had awesome seats!! Can you tell I like the word awesome? It's awesome.
There were two opening acts, Moonalice (some hippie band), and Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz was really good. He's super cool.
Here's all of us and the claw! Some nice lady saw us discussing picture opportunities, and she offered to take our picture.
As the stage was being prepped for U2, this was on the big screen. That screen goes all the way around, hence the 360 Tour.
Showtime!!! They started with the lights on, playing David Bowie's Space Oddity. Hence the spaceship. The lights dropped and they played Even Better Than The Real Thing.
Bono! I thought the big screen was super cool. So is my new camera which took all of these pictures. I am very happy with it. It's a Canon PowerShot sx230. It has 14x zoom and it fits in a pocket! It takes some cool pictures too!
The stage set up was, you guessed it, AWESOME!
When they sang Beautiful Day, they showed a special message to us, from astronaut Mark Kelly. He actually said "Hello Oakland," from the space station. He also quoted Space Oddity by saying, "tell my wife I love her very much (she knows)." They filmed it while he was in space! How cool is that???? The astronaut's wives get to pick the songs that they use to wake the astronauts up in the mornings. Gabby Giffords (Mark Kelly's wife) picked Beautiful Day by U2 to wake them up on one of the mornings. They are not in space right now, they are back, but it was still really really cool that the U2 people were able to make that happen.

The big screen stretched! Can you see that??? This was awesome, big lights up to the sky. Super cool. To see the rest of my pictures, click HERE.

It was an awesome show! It was a late show. U2 didn't take the stage until 9:30, and they played until almost midnight. We left at the second encore, to beat the traffic. We got home a little after midnight. We had some tired boys today, but they are in bed now.

I guess we were very lucky to actually get to attend the show. Apparently lots of people who drove to the show, couldn't park anywhere. The stadium parking was full, and they were directing people to other lots, but those lots were all full. Some people sat in traffic for four hours, on freeway off-ramps and never even made it inside the stadium! Some didn't get into the show until 10:30 or later! The attendance at the stadium last night was 69,000 people. The stadium did not plan very well for parking. Thousands of people are really angry, and there's been some talk of lawsuits. Somebody messed up. I am sure glad we decided to go early!

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