Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week

It's been a busy yet low-key kind of week.
It was about a jillion degrees on Monday (ok, 96), so when a friend invited us to swim at her swim club, the boys and I were game! They had lots of fun playing in the pool.

I think Quinn's feet are adorable.
I finished my quilt! Finally! It only took a couple of years. I just had to finish binding, so I sat down and did it.
The back of the quilt has a black & white pattern.
I pulled the suitcases out, to get ready for our upcoming trip (DC and NYC), and look at what I found! The boys socks and underwear from who knows when? It's newish socks and underwear too! It might be from spring break last, LAST school year. I just know that the underwear and socks no longer fits Riley, so I put it all in Quinn's drawer-he doesn't grow so his stuff still fits.
We dogsat this week, for a friend. This is Gracie. Adorable huh?
This is Miley. Adorable again huh? Both boys loved having them, and tonight they each were missing their bed buddy.
I made a bunch of bracelets. These go together very easily.

My pile of stuff for our DC and NYC trip. OF COURSE my Obama is going with me!

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