Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We are officially on summer vacation! I have never been happier to see a group of kids leave my classroom. I know that sounds horrible, but this year sucked. I had 9 really great students, and the rest of them were pains in my butt. The behavior was horrible. NOTHING worked with this group of kids. Even up to the last day I was having to fight with kids! The parents of those kids were not much better. Most couldn't do anything to change their child's behavior. Most didn't believe there was even a problem (even though it was noted on past report cards). I was accused of saying the F word in class (by a parent who didn't even EXIST on my list of parents-fake name and email). I was accused of grabbing a kid (crazy mother who came in a couple of Fridays ago and yelled at me, with students present). I was harassed by parents. I was asked to get homework together for absent kids and then it wasn't picked up. I was asked to conference and then was stood up. I was lied to. I was unsupported. I was not appreciated. I could not work hard enough for most of these families. It was a daily struggle with this group of kids, and unfortunately the bad behavior of most completely overshadowed the 9 very sweet kids I did have the fortune to teach. Oh and I loved those 9. I was not allowed to be the teacher I like to be. It's over now, and I am still trying to recover. I'm exhausted. I'm hopeful it will be better in the fall-I figure it really can't be any worse. 16 years of teaching and this was the worst year I've ever had.
My classroom is packed up. I had to toss lots of things since this group completely destroyed my things.
I have no more space in my cabinets, so I have to stack stuff and cover it in sheets.
The boys are happy to be out of school too-especially Riley. I came home from school yesterday with two extra dogs. My friend went on vacation, and we are watching her two dogs. Those dogs love me. I took a nap yesterday, and again today, with all three dogs plastered to me. They seem to like the boys too. Each boy had a dog in bed with them last night.
Quinn's got all three dogs here.
We had to take Riley to his endocrinologist appointment this morning, at Stanford. Afterwards we went to Sprinkles and had cupcakes. It doesn't matter that it was 10:30 in the morning.
This is my cupcake: chocolate coconut. I love coconut!
After cupcakes we went to Williams-Sonoma and I bought the Zoku maker I've been wanting. Lucky for me, they are now making a duo version (cheaper!), so I bought the cookbook too! I have the machine freezing now and tomorrow I will make cookie dough pops!

I am going to be really low-key at home for the next week. I have to get caught up on my sleep. I'm just so tired. I can feel the stress slowly leaving though. I am conserving energy for our upcoming vacation.

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