Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back from Camp

Riley came home today from Scout camp. He had a really good time. Of course, he wore the SAME socks all week (ew), but at least he changed his underwear! Sounds like they did lots of cool things though, and he made some new friends.

Oh, and now I am officially "mom." Sniff. I knew he was transitioning out of calling me "mommy," but it still stung nonetheless. Sniff sniff. Come to think of it, he hasn't really called me anything lately-I think he felt bad or something. When he needed me, he would just come and find me and start everything with "um." He just called me from the other room, and it was definitely, "mom." I didn't react, cuz it's time. Isn't that weird though? How you just go from "mommy" to "mom?" I can remember making the change with my own mother. It's fine. It's time. I'm OK. Hopefully it won't rub off on Quinn though.

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