Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oakland Zoo

Quinn and I went to the Oakland Zoo today with some friends. He (well, we all) had a great time. I don't think he had any time today to miss his brother. He misses him terribly.

Look at how cute this big kitty cat is sleeping!!

A giraffe. I really do love these animals!

Here are some wild animals aboard a caterpillar of sorts! I think the species is of the human variety, and I believe the names are...Quinn and Zack!

The children's zoo is amazing in Oakland. This is a giant fruit bat. They were so cool. I really like bats. I know they freak a lot of people out, and these guys are really big, but they are just too cool. They eat fruit and bugs, not people!

Here's Rhianna, and the two headed Quinn/Zack tortoise!

We had a great great day!

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