Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Monterey

I lied. Here are the other 5 pictures, cuz I just can't wait any longer. It's only been 12 minutes, but I somehow knew you couldn't wait to see them either. Hey, at least I'm not posting all 49!

Here's my mother in law, she's called Donna. Oh and you know those cute boys, Quinn and Riley.

This is the tide pool area. Kids can get in the water, in full scuba gear, and explore the tide pool. There were lots of starfish.

This is me and the boys. I'm not pregnant. The shirt is very bloomy. That giant guy in pink burst into our pictures! Did you notice that I match my bag perfectly?

This is a picture of the street as you walk away from the aquarium. This area is called Cannery Row, and it is full of history. Google it.

Look at the sky! It was an incredible day! To the right of this pier, we could see birds and seals.

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