Friday, August 15, 2008


One of my best friends, Angela, was in town this weekend, from Seattle. We got together with my other BFF, Kristi, and her kids and we all went bowling. 3 adults, 6 kids. We went to this place called "Strike," which is a modern bowling alley-very cool. Loud 80's music, video screens, food, glow in the dark pins, etc. Tons of fun!

All 6 kids: Quinn, Sophia, Carter, Riley, Sebastian, and Cole.

Riley, bowling. He has some mad bowling skills!

Here's Angela and her smallest son Carter, and Kristi in the background.

Here's the score board for Angela, Kristi and I. We sucked. We needed bumpers. Carter got a score of 123-he had bumpers!

Bowling is fun! See what I mean? Riley has mad bowling skills-look at how he can balance that ball!

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