Friday, August 29, 2008

Child Labor

It's been super hot here, and crazy. I am officially back to work, but no kids until next Wed. I have spent 3 days on inservice-today's was a HUGE waste of time, but that's another story. Since it's been so hot, and I am exhausted, I haven't been cooking. Kevin went to get him and I, Panera. The boys are not wild about that, so I gave Riley the task of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for him and Quinn. He's so responsible these days!

He asked Quinn how much jelly he wanted, and then cut it in half for him. Quinn only eats half of a sandwich, WHEN he eats. He's super picky. He had a well check today, and we need to see an endocrinologist, because he's so tiny (40 inches, 33 1/2 lbs. and he's 6 years old). Good looking sandwich eh?

Here's Riley's sandwich. Yum.

This one is of Quinn, busy drawing-which he loves to do!

On a happy note, class lists were posted for the boys classes today. We are really thrilled with Riley's class. I met his teacher today-she's very nice. Quinn is excited about his class, but his best bud, Zack, ended up in another class. He is bummed, but at least he'll get to see Zack at scouts, and at recess. I was very anxious about the classes, but all is good. They start next Wednesday-me too. I have a final (sort of-it's never certain until you see the whites of their eyes) class list myself. The names are very cute. I know only a few of the kids, but I'm excited.

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