Saturday, August 2, 2008

Monkey Fool

Ok, I know this is my second post today, and I know I'm becoming crazy sock monkey lady, but guess what? I made another one (hey, they're easy). I didn't have anything better to do today. We went to the art & wine festival early, then out for lunch, then to Toys R Us and then home. I did the usual, email, blogs, Pogo etc. Then I decided to get Riley's sock monkey finished. I DID make some jewelry to add to my etsy shop, and I relisted my bracelets (see the cute etsy mini? To your right.) These monkeys don't really take that much time.

Meet Peewee Crush (I named him, he's orange). Riley is pleased with him, and I like his face (Riley's too). It is the best monkey face of the four I made. Riley was cracking up because we had to redo the picture because the tail...well, it looked like a third leg. He thought that was pretty funny.

Peewee Crush and Star Raptor (Quinn named him).

And what are these? Why they are more socks! Hmmmm whatever will I do with them? Don't worry, I won't blog those. Maybe I'll show you my jewelry tomorrow, you know, for a change of pace.

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Anonymous said...

Well shoot. Now I want to see the tail photo. ;-)