Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just one more post today

The weather prediction for my little area of the world is rain showers. This is very strange for us, because it's summer. California does not usually see the rain or have thunderstorms in the summertime. Tonight, I noticed the sky looked really strange from inside the house, so I went outside. The sky was amazing-very pink and orange, and a beautiful double rainbow over my house!

See that sky? Beautiful!!

The double rainbow was so big, I couldn't get it in one shot (well I could have if I had walked down the court, but alas, I didn't), so I just got the brightest part of the double rainbow.

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mesogoofy2 said...

Hi Julie!

It was nice hanging out with you and valerie & the whole gang! Send me ur email address and I'll send u the pics that I took...