Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday Errands

We had to leave the house yesterday-errands to run. We had been inside for two days-I just love it when I don't have to leave the house! So we ran errands. One of them was getting the filthy car washed. I love the car wash we go to. It's been in the city forever. I remember going to it when I was a little girl. They had all of these exotic birds, just perched on branches inside the building. Most of the birds are gone now-they do have some, in cages. They do have a very long pond/pool which is filled with koi and turtles though. It's always entertaining for the boys. There's also an area where little kids can squirt the cars with water as they go through the wash.

Here's one of the turtles, swimming happily-he looks happy right?

Here are the boys, squirting at passing cars.

This one is of Owen-sleepy boy.

When we got home, I made a matryoshka doll. I need to work on a better head shape though.

Here's her cute face.

The boys also let me spend 2 hours in my classroom, getting things ready. They like playing in my classroom-they use the whiteboard, play on the playground, bounce on my fold out futon. Great fun. Oh, and we only had to visit the bathroom once! I actually got a lot done!

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