Saturday, November 27, 2010

Car Show!

This weekend was the weekend for the SF car show at Moscone Center. We decided to take the boys, and Kevin's parents, to the car show. We've been before, but the boys didn't seem to remember. They loved it. They loved that they could sit and "drive" any car they wanted-well except for some roped off fancy old cars, and some from Porsche-those meanies.
This little tiny car was right at the bottom of the stairs, when we entered. It's so cute!
I want THIS one for Christmas! The latest Honda Pilot. It's so pretty, even in white. It has lots of bells and whistles, and more importantly, I can play my iPod from it! Santa, I've been very very good.
The boys played a little foosball near the Ford and Tesla area.
Some old cars that the boys couldn't "drive."
Kevin and his bitchin' Camero. That is a mighty bright yellow.
This was my favorite little car though, the Mini Cooper. I love this color so much. It's called Interchange Yellow, and I like this car exactly as it is, except that I don't want a convertible. I want a hard top. I don't like my hair blowing in the wind. It gets in my eyes.

Outside of the show, they had a Land Rover/Range Rover driving area, complete with lots and lots of dirt and puddles and hills. There were four cars people could drive along the course. It was really cool to watch them get almost sideways on some of the hills. I wonder who gets to clean up the dirt?

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