Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wishlists and Surprises!

The boys are fine-tuning their Christmas wishlists. Both boys REALLY REALLY want a DSi. They each have the old DS Lite, but they want the newest one. Quinn has been more vocal about this. Kevin told him if he wanted it, then he needs to write a letter to Santa.
This is Quinn's letter to Santa, requesting the DSi. It's sweet. And short.
Here's Quinn getting ready to mail his letter. Kevin took it and mailed it somewhere...I guess to the North Pole. Here's hoping Santa comes through for them.

I got a gift today too! I won this $35 gift card today from Quinn's after school care! I don't win anything, but today that changed! Perhaps I will play the lottery next! I can use it to purchase a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Or I can buy a whole lot of Margarita mix! Endless possibilities!!

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