Monday, November 22, 2010

A Field Trip

I took the day off last Thursday to go on a field trip with Quinn and his 3rd grade class. We went to the Tule (too-lee) Ponds here in Fremont. I have never been to the Tule Ponds. It was very interesting.
Pretty berries. I remember playing with these berries as a kid. Look at how pretty they are! The sun made this picture a little weird though.
This is the big lagoon (Tyson Lagoon) within the Tule Ponds. The ponds get filled with the flooding of storm drains and the rain. They were pretty dry this day, but it has rained a lot since Thursday, so I can imagine some of the ponds are a lot fuller now.
We were right on the Hayward Fault! This fault line is due for an earthquake. There are lots of important buildings on this fault line: hospitals, police station, schools, houses.
I thought the bird in that tree looked really cool-very Halloweenish.
Milk Weed. The kids were all fascinated with these pods.
Quinn wore his Indiana Jones hat since we would be exploring. Here he poses with his milk weed.
This is not Quinn's hand, but a friend of his. I thought it was very timely. Silly Bands and nature. How 2010!
Pretty purple something. I used to know the name of this. I actually think I have this in my backyard. A gardener I am not.

Quinn looking through a microscope at fuzz, the table top, leaves, his finger, and paper.

It was a really good field trip, and almost worth all the drama I returned to at school on Friday. Quinn was happy to have me go along, and as long as he still wants me to go on field trips, I'll go.

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