Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Random Stuff

Happy Friday! I am so happy it's Friday. It's been a long week-and I even had a day off! Drama drama drama. Girls are a mystery to me, and the ones in my class generate a LOT of drama. Tons. So and so did this, so and so did that, so and so said she's not my friend. AHHHH! It's nice to have a break. Next week is a short week too! We have Veteran's Day off, and also the 12th, but that's because our school district furloughed us. I'm not happy I am not getting paid, but at least I don't have to work. This is a really tough school year. Perhaps it will be better next school year. Our city passed a parcel tax for Fremont schools, so now the district is sitting on a whole lot of money. We are hoping to get some things back-more prep, and less kids. Anyway, here's a lot of random stuff for you...
I made a different kind of button bracelet. I am going to make some more of them too. Did I mention that I am participating in the local high school's holiday boutique? My $60 fee is supporting the Class of 2011's Grad Night. I've made a jillion of my regular button bracelets. I will make some of these too.
We made flash cards for our non-English speaker yesterday. Aren't they cute? I told everyone what I wanted them to look for-most were up to the task, except for my group of "I can'ts." Even my non-English speaker made one! In the end, they did a great job. We are going to start practicing them with her, a few at a time, until she knows them. My next plan is to label the entire classroom. I'll get the kids on that next week.
When I arrived at school today, one of my students made me this picture. Isn't it cute? She's got my standard jeans down to a tee, oh and my whistle. Is my hair really that blonde? At least she thinks I am the best teacher ever. EVER. Mostly I don't feel it, but I am happy that she's happy at school. Obviously I am reaching her.
LOOK AT THE SKY! I just love a sky like this. I apologize for the parking lot picture. It was a lot more impressive on the overpass, up high, but I think the CHP would have frowned on me stopping to take a picture.

I went to Michael's and Kevin took the boys to Lucky, for some cat food. This display is inside the Lucky store. Cute huh? Kevin took it, and texted it to me. Those boys sure are cute too!

Enjoy your weekend all! I have Halloween stuff to put away (still), and we hope to catch Megamind this weekend.

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