Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh Wow, I am Back

Sorry to disappear on you there! It's been CRAZY around here, and once again I find myself exhausted. I think I last posted on Monday. Since then, there's been school, meetings, a soccer pizza party, appointments, a craft fair, and Lego building.
One good thing at school right now. The kids made feathery owls. They turned out pretty cute, and the kids were happy to work on them. Warning: Gross picture up next.
Not so good, besides the never-ending girl drama and the horrible boy, is this...I received this last week. It's homework (late homework, so there are 5 pages). It was all stuck together with I have NO idea what. I got the first two pages loose, but the last three were really stuck, and after I fought back the urge to throw up, and then cry, I shoved all five pages into a ziplock and wrote a note indicating I wouldn't be checking in this sticky homework. What are people thinking? I would be mortified to send something back to school like this! Gross.
Quinn won a mustache at his soccer pizza party. He loves it. He got a nice, big trophy for soccer, and they get to play in another tournament.

This was from last weekend, but I don't think I posted it. Riley, out Scouting For Food. This weekend was the pick up. It rained. Neither boy got to participate as they were with Grandma and Grandpa while I participated in a craft fair, and Kevin went to a Celebration of Life for his friend's mother.
Riley made these. Lego versions of Luigi and a One-up. He also made Mario, but I haven't gotten a picture yet. The boys look these up on the internet, and then build them. They are hoping to get just plain Lego building bricks for Christmas.
Here I am, at my table for the American High School Holiday Boutique. I made a bunch of button bracelets, rings, and some hairpins. I did very well too! I think I will do it next year as well.

My table. You can see the rings up front in the square bowls and on the black/white tray. There are button bracelets all around.

My dad did this for me. I gave him my fancy jar, and he made it into a soap dispenser for me. Cool huh? I love it! My mom and dad gave me crafty genes.

Now I am off for a whole week! I am so excited. I didn't think I (or my students) would survive last week. They were nuts starting on Monday. I have written/emailed many parents this week. I have two very serious behavior issues that I am taking to our Student Study Team for assistance, since their parents are completely clueless and of no help at all. The other major problem is the mean little girls in my class (4 of them), who are bullying another little girl. I have 15 girls, and 10 boys. Let's just say heads rolled on Friday, when it all came to a head. I hate a bully. It won't be tolerated. Oh, and I get not one, but TWO new students the Monday we get back from vacation-both girls!! I don't need anymore girl drama. I'd rather have boys.

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