Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part 2 SF Holiday

After the car show, we went to Union Square. We wanted to see the animals in the window of Macy's, and check out the holiday decorations.
I love this Old Navy! It's HUGE-three stories!! It's right on Market Street.
Macy's all decked out for the holidays.
There's an ice skating rink in Union Square!

My in-laws came along with us today!
I always love the Macy's windows. This side faces Union Square. It's a great view from those windows as well. We didn't go in today though.
The SPCA is responsible for the animals in the windows at Macy's. This year they have kittens in the windows. I didn't see any dogs, but maybe there were some inside. All animals are up for adoption.
The Neiman Marcus store. Notice their HUGE tree?

Here's the tree from the inside! It's impressive. Of course my MIL and I freaked out the makeup girl when we asked her if it was earthquake safe. It's a really big tree. Wouldn't you ask too?

Happy Saturday everyone!

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