Sunday, November 28, 2010


We spent our last day of vacation at home, working on projects. Riley cleaned out his backpack and updated his reading log for school. Quinn worked on his book report project, and I hemmed some jeans. Oh, and both boys got haircuts. Super exciting, I know.
Quinn's book report project: a Jiffy guy of Walt Disney. He had to read a biography and fill out a report page. He had to make this Jiffy person too.
Inside his shirt, is a card with the name of the person Quinn read about: Walt Disney, along with the name of the book Quinn read, and the author: Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart.

I hemmed Riley's jeans today. I used THIS TUTORIAL to do it, and it worked out really well. It was super easy! I am really proud of them. I did two pairs of pants! Three more to go!

Back to work I go tomorrow. Wonder what great things await me? I sent lots of behavior notes home the Friday before vacation, so we'll see what parents have to say about that.

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