Friday, November 26, 2010

We Love A Parade

The boys spent the night with my parents last night, so that they could go with them this morning to cut down a Christmas tree. They had a great time. Kevin and I went to see Morning Glory last night-it was cute! After Kevin picked the boys up today, we went to see Tangled, which is such a GREAT movie. I highly recommend it. It's really really good. We had dinner at Fuddrucker's (always say that sl-o-w-ly), and then we went to the Niles Parade, here in town. It was quite a busy, but super fun day!
Waiting for the parade to start.
There were all kinds of fire engines in the parade, and we actually watched the parade from in front of the new Niles Fire Station.
This is the first of Fremont Bank's big holiday balloons. It's cute.
That's Sharkie on the bike. He's the mascot for the San Jose Sharks hockey team. He had these big giant feet, and Kevin and I couldn't believe he could pedal that bike.
Uh oh, it's Darth Vader and some of his closest friends. This is the same organization that Kevin contacted a couple of years ago, for Quinn's birthday party. We tried to secure a few storm troopers for his party, and they never showed. It's a good thing that we didn't tell Quinn that they were coming. It was going to be a surprise...I guess the surprise was on Kevin and I!
Great American ("the Fun and Only") sent the Peanuts characters to the parade.
The second of Fremont Bank's big balloons.
That's not a horse! What is that anyway? Some kind of fancy cow. A bull? What is it?
The last of Fremont Bank's big balloons.

Santa and Mrs. Claus, the finale of the parade!

We about froze to death, but we had a great time. Let the holidays officially begin!

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