Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black and White

The boys have been looking forward to today, for weeks. Today was the release date for the new Pokemon DS games, Black and White. Quinn has especially been excited about it. He was up before 7 this morning, too excited to sleep. He had coordinated with Riley yesterday, what they would wear. Quinn's plan was to wear a white shirt, in honor of the White game he was purchasing, and he wanted Riley to wear a black shirt for the Black game Riley was going to get. He was super excited for this plan, until Riley balked at the idea yesterday. He was able to convince him to do it though, and both boys were pleased as punch with their new games.
Riley, in black, with his Pokemon Black game, and Quinn, in white, with his Pokemon White game. Both games were opened immediately, and they played their new games all the way home.

Two happy boys!

We also went to see Gnomeo and Juliet this afternoon. It's really cute. Very clever. I enjoyed it. The music is really good too, but I am pretty partial to Elton John.

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