Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Completely Random

Here are some completely random pictures of the goings on around here.
We made fossils in class yesterday. I like to use the air-drying clay. It's simple and the kids are able to work easily with it.
We had a lesson about Ireland last week, at school-a parent run enrichment program. The kids got to make these aluminum/tin art pictures. They could use traditional Celtic designs or make their own. I like this one. It looks like snowflakes.
I started a new puzzle.
I finished it the same night. It was easy. 500 pieces and lots of color patterns. I have a 2000 piece puzzle, but I need a bigger area to build it.

Luck has not been on my side lately, so I had a pity shopping party for myself this evening. I bought these four fake cupcakes, that green bird dish, and a box of really cute Easter "gem mix," which consists of glass gem drops and little wooden eggs.

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